Assessing Current Wages

Assessing Current Wages

The e-learning course Assessing Current Wages is designed to help participants conduct wage assessments for the SA8000® certification system. The course provides step-by-step guidance on the following topics:

  • collecting data on current wages
  • analyzing wage structures
  • types of items that can and cannot be included as part of a wage
  • in-kind benefits and bonuses
  • using SAI’s wage assessment tool

This course provides access to SAI’s official wage assessment tool along with resources, including a wage reference document with additional information on wage assessment and a useful case study examined during the course.

Participants should expect to be actively engaged throughout entire e-learning course in order to fulfill the expected learning outcomes. The course includes interactive quizzes and a final exam.

For any questions regarding the current wage or living wage e-learning courses, please contact

Fee: USD150* (credit card only)
Duration: Appr. 2.5 hours

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